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Refreshing Peppermint Salt Soak


  • eelieve joint and muscle pain
  • epsom salt provides a powerhouse of magnesium and sulfate
  • natural detoxification
  • reduce swelling
  • soften and exfoliate skin
  • remove odors
  • revitalize the senses


Himalayan Crystal Salt Soak


  • natural detoxifying agent
  • rich in 84 minerals
  • promote better sleep
  • improve circulation
  • regulate blood pressure
  • soften skin and relieve muscle ache


Massage Gel

Contains vegetable wax that disperses like lotion and glides on like silk. Botanical infused oils: Sesame seed oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, jojoba seed oil, Aloe Vera extract, avocado oil, and patchouli oil.


Natural Foot Bath Tea

It can effectively alleviate the nerve of the blood and promote the blood fluid circulation.

Foot relief and reduce your blood pressure and glycemiaif you keep using it everyday aching feet and relieve tense joints and muscles.Sooth inflammation.restore the vitality of the feet A 20-minute soak will stimulate circulate soften tough skin calm itching and irritation soothe aching muscles.


Massage oils


  • Holly oil:

Holly oil comes from the branches of the holly plant and is then de-ionized. A water based Vitamin E, (Cyclo-Alocaine) is then added along with Jojoba as a therapeutic moisturizer and to add glide. This non nut-based oil is unscented and nonstaining. Holly oil is non-comedogenic and will be absorbed by the body with no ill effects.

  • Grapeseed oil:

Grapeseed oil has a smooth, silky texture without being greasy. Grapeseed Oil is ideal for all skin types and its light forumula makes receiving a massage a real treat. Grape Seed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient used to treat damaged and/or stressed tissue. Grape Seed oil possesses regenerative and restucturing qualities that help moisturize the skin